Presence and Presents: An Affiliate Celebration!

Our final All AC Call of the year for December was brought to you by the Affiliate Community Team, who delivered:

Presence and Presents: An Affiliate Celebration

*Complete the year with authentic community – the structure that serves to increase your impact, support your accountability, and fill your well-being cup.*

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.” African Proverb

Accomplishment Coaching’s mission is to lead, coach, and train in the service of transforming lives… and that would be impossible without its people.

Join us for the final All AC Call OF THIS DECADE to connect with new affiliates from around the world and share in our wins, learnings, distinctions, and accomplishments.

Experience how we connected, shared vulnerably, and distinguished new concepts for ourselves through:

  • Distinguished sharing
  • Bringing breakthroughs and wins
  • Completing an exercise to envision 2020 in a new way (led by Lisa Pachence, PCC)
  • Receiving new Affiliate Benefits we’re rolling out next year


If you desire more community involvement with other AC coaches, look for the Affiliate Newsletter, visit, or email [email protected] for more information on benefits.


More about the Affiliate Community Team:

The call was facilitated by Accomplishment Coaching’s Affiliate Community Team (ACT), which includes Laura Westman (Chief Affiliate Officer), Lisa Pachence (Affiliate Benefits Director), Clarice Connolly (Affiliate Services Specialist), Stephanie Williamson (Coach’s Thrive owner), Liz Stone (Head of Masterminds), and Laura Fink (Down to Business Bootcamp founder). ACT has a mission to provide elite level benefits to program graduates, expanding our impact as coaches and leaders, and deepening our transformation as loving, vivacious human beings.

**Mark your calendars for Wednesday, January 8th @ 12pmET/9amPT where we will have our first call of 2020! M. Shannon Hernandez, Marketing Strategist, will be hosting a Training and Q&A on how to create profitable live events (Retreats, workshops, conferences, and more). If leading live events is in your vision for 2020, get the support here!**


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