5 Tips to “Hell Yeah” Quantum Leaps: Scientifically-Backed Methods to Create Client Breakthroughs

As coaches, we know that our work works. That mindset shifts and ways of being are foundational to true and lasting change. And that we’re infinitely capable of manifesting our dreams.

And yet, without explanation, we (our clients, ourselves) may still get stuck!

Meet Laura Kay – author, speaker, and coach – who brings us an entirely new relationship to the power and possibility of mindset. Laura will present the 3 Quantum Physics principles that illustrate why the possibility mindset works on a micro-scale, and how it’s accomplished through tried and true methods based in science.

Through this call, coaches will be able to share the following with their clients:

  1. The Principle of Unlimited Potential. It states that what we want already exists on another plane that we simply haven’t drawn into our awareness yet. When we dwell in unlimited potential, our desires feel closer and more easily accomplished as well as allowing us to dream bolder.
  2. The Principle of Observer-Created Reality. Most of us have heard the saying “What you think about, your bring about.” This law focuses on the actual quantum energy that our thoughts produce – when we direct this toward our goals, it effortlessly draws them nearer to us until the goal is realized.
  3. The Power of questions. Whether we’re aware or not, we’re asking questions all day long. There is massive power in asking questions that we actually want the answers to. This is an easy exercise that clients can do all day with increasing results – like playing a game with the Universe!

Quantum Physics is the ONLY set of science that breaks down and demonstrates the infinite power of mindset and being. Discover new ways and approaches to support your clients to creating breakthrough results and Quantum Leaps!

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY – Laura will be doing a live group Angel reading at the end of our call as a thank you for attending!

In December of 2017, Laura Kay blew up her life! This Badass Empowerment Diva at Pink Spark Life left her lifelong home in Minnesota and spent three long and fascinating days on the road alone before fulfilling her dream to live and prosper in sunny southern California. In her effort to support other women to unapologetically realize their deepest desires, she takes the mind-boggling ~ yet massively transformational ~ principles of Quantum Physics and makes them easy to understand and apply to instantly experience the phenomenal results of these laws in action. She is an author, speaker, coach and self-proclaimed geek who loves spreading the exciting potential of Quantum Physics.

In addition, she is a powerful intuitive who provides awe-inspiring transformation through her kind, honest and spot-on Angel readings. In this capacity, she has many clients who marvel at the life-changing messages their Angels provide. She’s also been known to approach random strangers she’s never met before with messages from their Angelic “crew.” This Badass simply has a knack for bringing out the fierce and fabulous woman in each of us!

For more information on Laura Kay and her programs, please visit: www.pinksparklife.com

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