A New Definition of Wealth: How Do We Prosper In Any Economy?

Transforming our definition of wealth, Sufficiency versus Scarcity, Being at cause for our assets

Join Senior Leader, Kerry Zurier, with the San Diego Intensive program (who has led SD, DC, NY, Seattle, and Malaysia)!

Everyone is crazy about money. And, yet, most of us don’t take the time to really explore our beliefs about wealth, sufficiency and abundance in order to truly transform our relationship with our resources.

In this session, Kerry will draw on her 30 years of leading transformational programs focused on the principles of Buckminster Fuller and how to create a truly new relationship with wealth, in addition to her 16 years leading with Accomplishment Coaching and being a Master Certified Coach.

The principles and skills she will bring will open up a new relationship to money that have the ability to take you from at effect to at cause around what it means to prosper.

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