Accomplishment Coaching Organizational Initiative (ACOI) – Explore AC’s Fastest Growing Branch!

If you missed out on the introduction to our company’s most explosive project, listen to the recording below and send us your questions and inquiries!

Mick Carbo and Alice Petzold laid out a comprehensive and exciting menu of opportunities within Accomplishment Coaching Organizational Initiatives, which includes the option for affiliates to join projects through an application and interview process.

In this call, you’ll also receive:

  • The created proven method of getting Organizational Contracts
  • Business Coaching myths debunked
  • The many benefits of partnering with ACOI, including multiple tiers of income generating revenue from providing referrals to working within an ACOI initiative
  • How to apply to be a coach within an ACOI generated contract
This conversation will challenge assumptions you may have about coaching inside organizations, open your mind to possibilities of growing your practice, and inform you of opportunities available to you as an affiliate of Accomplishment Coaching.

If you think this call is not for you… think again – expanding your practice to include organizations may be more accessible than you imagine!


About our Speakers:
As an entrepreneur, leadership coach, trainer and speaker, Mick Carbo works with companies spanning across a wide range of industries including IT, construction, government contracting, and financial services. In addition to working with his private clients through Carbo Coaching, Mick also co-leads an ICF accredited leadership development and coaches training program in Washington, DC called Accomplishment Coaching.

Mick holds the designation of Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF). He teaches Employee Performance Development through the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and University of Maryland. Being committed to service and community, Mick does pro bono work with retiring military personnel through the Transition Assistance Program at Ft. Meade.

Bringing to the table his 19 years of experience navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship, Mick helps entrepreneurs and business leaders effectively grow and lead their teams to victory. Through Mick’s coaching, leaders learn how to think bigger, be bigger and create unprecedented results.

From owning and operating businesses in multiple industries, to loving and caring for his wife and 3 children he knows what it takes to live a fulfilled and successful life both personally and professionally.


Alice Petzold demonstrates a unique understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset and corporate leadership.   Her partnership provides access to leadership for through partnership and powerful performance.  Petzold effectively applies her unique blend of ontological coaching and leadership training to provoke, inspire, and empower transformation for individuals, teams, and companies.

Prior to becoming a Professional Certified Coach, Alice spent 20+ years driving the marketing partnership efforts of Fortune 50 brands with sports properties.  Alice grew the marketing partnership efforts with for ranging from start-ups to properties such as the International Olympic Committee, NASCAR, the Cleveland Cavaliers and consulted with select agencies.

In various management positions, and leadership posts Alice developed and leveraged high performing teams charged with creating partnerships.  These teams consistently delivered unrivaled performance and negotiations yielding breakthrough results for organizations.

Alice earned her B.S. in Journalism at Ohio University and a Master of Sports Administration and Facility Management from the Center for Sports Administration where she serves on the Advisory Board. Petzold is a graduate of International Coach Federation accredited Accomplishment Coaching and Professional Certified Coach.  Her coaching practice includes corporate accounts working with C-suite executives, teams and individuals.




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