Align With the Path of Your Purpose

 Do you feel conflicted by building your business and remaining true to your purpose? What are the benefits of purpose based business? Do you know when your clients are aligned with purpose?  Join Audrey Seymour from the Clear Change Group as she explores life purpose.  She will work with us to get back in touch with our life purpose but also explore what does purpose mean to you and your clients. It is often for both coach and client to get swayed from true purpose and to know what are the common blocks and how to get aligned. In this call we will explore: 

  • How to tell when you and your clients are on purpose
  • Purpose-based business
  • Explore the True Purpose™ process: 4 components of higher purpose that translate directly into business applications: being, doing, life task and wisdom for the world

Since 2003, Audrey has guided hundreds of mission-based businesses and leaders internationally to greater clarity and efficiency so they can increase their impact in the world.  Prior to founding Clear Change Group, she spent over twenty years as a software development manager and lead engineer building 3D graphics and biotech applications. She also has four decades of experience with spiritual practice and inquiry into the nature of the self.

In addition to her work at Clear Change Group, Audrey is on the teaching team at the True Purpose Institute, specializing in the True Purpose™ Coach Training, and a cofounder of its non-profit sister organization Amoveo Mundi.

Audrey has been certified by the Coaches Training Institute, the Career Coach Institute, Speaking Circles International and the True Purpose Institute, and holds a Master Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation.

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