Basecamp Essentials for Men: Personal Development, Life Purpose, and Greater Emotional Intelligence

 Join the Affiliate Community Team this month as we present Tony Rezac. Tony uses his time and his talents to create workshops and programs that support men to learn new tools for life’s challenges. He will offer you a fresh narrative to society’s worn-out stories about men. Whether you are a man or a woman, this provocative conversation is sure to facilitate awareness and offer insights instrumental to our growth and development as people, coaches and in serving all our clients.

During our call we explore: 

  • A unique perspective into the psychology of men
  • The four archetypes of the mature masculine: Warrior, Lover, Magician, and King
  • The archetype of Hero
  • How to create personal development, life purpose, greater emotional intelligence and a more inspiring narrative for men.

Tony Rezac is a skilled and compassionate facilitator and teacher and creates and leads workshops and programs for men. Tony did the Mankind Project`s New Warrior Training back in 2004 and has been participating and leading men`s groups ever since. He is the author of “Body and Soul: The Essential Handbook for Men”, a book about men and their inner development. His work lead him to build a powerful and inspiring core program Basecamp Essentials for Men.

You can find his writing and ideas at and


To view the Zoom video of the call, please clink on the video link below and use the password: AllACMay


May 2016 All AC Call from Accomplishment Coaching on Vimeo.

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