BE Your Way to a Thriving Coaching Practice: Top Ten Secrets for Business Success and Fulfillment—Mary Burg

Mary Burg will present her inspiring and popular program: Mary’s Top Ten Secrets to BE Your Way to a Thriving Coaching Practice.©  This program is drawn from Mary’s experience in creating a 6-figure coaching practice.  She is a Certified Professional Coach, co-founder and co-owner, with Cathy Rivers, of Burg Rivers Life and Business Coaching, Burg Rivers LLC, a women-owned, life, business and executive coaching and consulting firm. 

Come to this call if: 

  • You want to be inspired!
  • You want to generate refreshing and new approaches to growing your business!
  • You want to explore new ways to acquire coaching clients!
  • You want to experience the power and support of AC’s extraordinary community of coaches!
  • You want to BE the next AC coach leading a 6-figure business


1 Comment
  1. Amy Hurst 11 years ago

    Does anyone know what the top 10 list is? The recording has it cut off, I'd love to know the breakdown of what was in this call.

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