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 Founder of the Body-Centered Coaching Method, Marlena Field, PCC, CPCC, is a Professional Certified Coach who has been doing body-centered work for 14 years. An inspiring and passionate advocate for the use of the body as a resource for change, Marlena invites coaches and other helping professionals to experience mindfulness and the body’s wisdom for themselves, and incorporate this into their work with clients. Marlena has written books, developed a tele-training series and recorded audios of live body-centered coaching demonstrations. She leads in-person trainings and has a one year coach training and mentorship program.

Marlena’s work helps coaches assist clients to access body information that creates such a depth of insight, self-awareness and self-acceptance that it can truly be life-changing. (See for more info.)
The body is a resource for learning and for creating sustainable change for yourself and others. The body is always responding to thoughts and feelings. The practice of body-centered coaching is based on the premise that the body has a natural intelligence and wisdom that can offer coaches, and consequently their clients, a new depth of learning. It involves being curious and intuitive about the language and signals the body is sending. Client interpretation of the information and the ensuing integration opens many creative pathways for both coaches and clients. You cannot talk clients out of their perspectives; the change needs to be experienced through the body. 
The practice of body-centered coaching works with the inter-relationship of the internal and the external. The internal involves having your clients notice their internal experience: their body sensations and the signals and messages their body is sending. The external takes the form of body posture, gesture or changes in body position. By involving the wholeness of the body, there is more data available and the learning becomes more fully integrated.
On this special integrated All Accomplishment Coaching call, Marlena will be joined by Halli MacNab, PCC, Accomplishment Coaching Leader-In-Training, and graduate of Marlena Field’s Year Long Intensive Body-Centered Coaching Training Legacy program, to illuminate the strong  interconnections between Marlena’s Being-based, Body Centered methodology and AC’s foundation in Ontological coaching.  Combining ontology with Marlena’s work takes the somatic (body awareness) element of our ontological work to new levels, and creates a compelling and powerful blend of methodologies.
On this call, we will explore the foundations and nature of the Body Centered Coaching Methodology and receive details regarding a special invitation to Marlena’s upcoming Teleseminar, co-led by Accomplishment Coaching graduate, Halli MacNab, PCC, covering “Module 3 – Body Mind Spirit Embodied Resources Toolbox”, of her comprehensive library of Body Centered Coaching Techniques.



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