Build Your Coaching Practice—Best Practices Panel Discussion

A coaching colleague once shared, “Nobody needs a coach, but everyone deserves a coach.”  What beautiful words for any of us as professional coaches.

“But where are all the clients?  If everyone deserves a coach, how come I don’t have droves of people calling me daily?  How can I get out there in the world and get more clients, more often and with more ease?” 

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, February 10th as we host our first 2010, coach panel discussion with three powerhouse coaches who have found ease and fun in acquiring new clients.  We’ve brought together a diverse panel representing a variety of experience, from beginner to veteran.  Our three guest coaches for this panel discussion are:

Mary Andrews – a recent graduate and a shining example of commitment and action in building her practice

Mark Hunter – graduated three years ago and, most recently, filled his practice almost overnight

Barb McAllister – a seasoned coach who seems to simply snap her fingers and a new client appears

Come to this call if: 

You’re seeking new ways to acquire coaching clients

You’re committed to breaking through the obstacles holding you back

You’re frustrated with how it’s currently going in acquiring new clients

You want to support others by sharing what’s working for you

Come for the support, the camaraderie, and fresh ideas to BE the difference in this world. 

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  1. Samuel Alarape 9 years ago

    Marking (No Pun Intended) this date on my calender.

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