Calling In Power & Culture: Revolutionizing Coach Education & The Profession

The topic of diversity and illuminating our cultural blind-spots is a fantastically prevalent discussion in our current society.  As coaches, we’re facing more and more opportunities to strengthen the concept of inclusion, acceptance, and community. We face this in generating clients, in our client sessions themselves, in the intense political landscape in our country, and in the culture of the coaching industry. If we had the tools and mastery to be with and navigate these undercover conversations, how would it grow your business? How would it impact your client conversations? How could you bring this into the community to affect immediate and lasting change?

Halli MacNab – PCC, Accomplishment Coaching Junior Leader in Victoria B.C., and future President of Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO) – and Dr. Terrence Maltbia – PhD and Faculty Director of Columbia University’s Coaching Certification Program – will invite us into the conversation about Diversity, Inclusion, Power, Privilege, Rank & Culture in our own lives and practices (also presented as part of a successful keynote given at the ACTO conference). This conversation will challenge our assumptions and allow us to explore and expand our own awareness about how to create deeply inclusive spaces and relationships with our clients and associates.

In this call, you will discover:

  • How difference can be revealed and discussed to create intimacy.
  • How powerful and rich our conversations and spaces can be when we encourage everyone to bring their whole selves to each of their roles and relationships.
  • How to move from conversation into action to transform coach education, the coaching profession, and the world.

As coaches, challenging assumptions is what we do.  We are in a unique position to be the tip of the spear to create the revolution that the planet is asking for.

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