Celebrate a Cornucopia of Gratitude on the November All AC Call

  “Thanksgiving is one of the most exciting and powerful antidotes to moral apathy and spiritual indifference available to human beings. Gratitude is a wonderful value that all of us can practice – no matter what are social, economic, religious, or cultural backgrounds.  Gratitude is ours for the taking, but not to be taken for granted.”  – Elizabeth Espersen, Executive Director, Center for World Thanksgiving

In the spirit of the season and as we reinvent affiliation in the AC community, the Department of Affilate Delight invites you to join the AC Community in November to share stories of gratitude for our work.  Come to the call with hearts wide open to hear stories of transformation directly related to our work as ontological coaches.  Come to practice one of the most powerful distinctions we use to create breakthroughs.  The cornucopia is the traditional symbol for Thanksgiving representing abundance and bounty.  Let us celebrate and give thanks together for the abundance and bounty of this work.


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