Certification and Credentials with Halli MacNab!

 Credentials: Playing the Bigger Game

Halli MacNab, PCC, CBCC, Accomplishment Coaching Leader-in-Training and Certification Chair is a full time coach and mentor supporting new and experienced coaching professionals to find their authentic voice and full expression as a coach.  She recently compiled a comprehensive ICF Core Competency training document for Accomplishment Coaching and leads monthly company-wide Mentor Coach training calls in the ICF Core Competencies.  She is a passionate advocate for the benefits of Certification and Credentialing, including:  increased marketability, credibility, business and income opportunities for the coach, as well as enhanced coaching performance and confidence for both the coach and consumer.
On this month’s All AC Call, you will learn:

  • the value and importance of getting credentialed in making a bigger impact, taking your business to the next level and playing your Bigger Game
  • the steps required to obtain your AC certification and ICF credential
  • the resources available to support you in this process
  • recent changes to the ICF’s credentialing process and the impact of these changes
  • and the answers to any and all questions you have about AC certification or credentialing!

Join us this month to kick off the journey to the next level in your coaching career and business.

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