Certification, Made Simple!

Our August 2019 All AC Call was hosted by Michelle Akin, who presented on:

Certification, Made Simple!

**Coaches interested in certification, obtaining your ACC or PCC, or renewing your credential, join us to answer your questions!**

Michelle Akin – Accomplishment Coaching Certification Chair, Junior Leader, and Powerhouse Coach – led a lively conversation on the A-B-C’s of Certification and Credentialing, both inside and outside of Accomplishment Coaching. This FAQ-style conversation also highlighted tools and structures in Accomplishment Coaching to obtain your certification and credential.

From this conversation, expect to walk away with:

  • The value of credentialing and certification
  • How to track your hours
  • The importance of agreements with clients for certification
  • Re-clarification of the certification and credentialing process
  • And other FAQ’s!

In an industry that’s flush with “Coaches”, getting your credentials helps you stand out as a Professional, highly-trained Coach… which is so much more than just adding letters to your name.

If you have questions, please email [email protected].

More about Michelle, from Michelle:

Michelle Akin is a Professional Certified Coach in private practice, as well as a Program Leader with the Accomplishment Coaching Coaches Training Program in New York City and Washington DC. In her previous career are a video producer, comedian, and YouTuber, Michelle gained a level of notoriety that was exciting, but ultimately not fulfilling on a deeper level, which is what brought her to coaching. Her coaching clients are people who are stuck dwelling in the pain of an un-lived life, and who are determined to change their own stories.

Visit her website at: http://michelleakin.nyc


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