Client Coachabllity: Matching Your Coaching Strategies to a Client’s Capacity to Be Coached

 Have you ever felt like a client has hit a wall or may not be coachable? You might be thinking the gradient of practices might be too high. Perhaps you are thinking that your approach is meeting the clients where they are. Perhaps you are thinking that your client might need a therapist instead. Come spend an hour with Manon Dulude Ph.D, and Jeanne Erikson, PhD to have an enlightening conversation about our client’s capacity to be coached.

 Affiliates will learn about:

  • ·     The “Coaching Continuum model TM”
  • ·     Assessment of coaching capacity with selective questions
  • ·    
  • ·     Distinguishing client needs from aspirations
  • ·     How resilience is the foundation to all client success

Dr. Manon Dulude and Dr. Jeanne Eriskon have developed a training program for coaches that assists them to determine the coaching capacity of a prospective client so that client can more likely thrive. Manon Dulude brings twenty five years of experience as a psychotherapist to her clients. She is trained in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), Relational Life Therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and BSFT (Brief Solution-Focused Therapy). She has her PhD in Human Development and Coaching and has extensive experience in the field of Critical Incident Stress Management and trauma recovery. Manon has developed curriculum and delivered training programs for mental health professionals in the areas of art therapy, critical incident stress debriefing, wellness, and managing grief. Learn more about Dr. Dulude on her website

 Jeanne Erikson has a Master of Science degree in human development and earned her PhD from Kansas University in Social Welfare and dispute resolution. Jeanne is a dynamic coach, coach trainer, and coaching leader. Trained as a coach in 2002, her rich background of over thirty-years experience in human development and mental health, education, and conflict resolution, makes her a resource for other coaches. She continues to be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and credentialed mediator, in addition to a Professional Certified Coach and Wellness Coaching specialist.  To learn more about Dr. Erikson please visit her website

Click on the link below to view the call and use the password: ALLACSEPT

All AC Call September 14, 2016 from Accomplishment Coaching on Vimeo.


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