CO-BRANDING with Beth Campbell-Duke

 ● Expand Your Co-Brand (using your strengths to write effective marketing materials including resumes, social media profiles and biographies and learning how to choose social media platforms.)

● Unleash Your Awesome (understanding the importance of your personal and professional networks and learning how to increase your networking effectiveness.)

Come to this call and discover:

● What your biggest asset really is and how to make it grow

● The biggest trend you can’t afford to ignore

● The #1 mistake we make that keeps us from finding or creating work we LOVE.

  • The world of work is changing – and managing change requires understanding and embracing new ways of working and learning the importance of some time honored basics.

● Learn the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘HOW’ of each of the main components of the co-branding process

Walk away with a short list of powerful, immediately actionable SMART goals that will improve your personal and professional success.
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