Coaching Organizations: “Coaching from Inside and Outside the Organization”

 Ask the Experts!  Our AC power panel provides insight about coaching in organizations. 

Are you excited, curious, or committed to coaching within organizations such as a privately run business or corporation; a non-profit or government agency; a professional firm or a school system? 
If so, we have the perfect call for you! 

Join an all-star line up of AC Leader coaches – Tara Padua (Leader, NY-DC, AC Leadership Team), Ali Rodway (LiT, DC-NY), Whittney Graham-Beard (LiT, SD) and, by special invitation, Kristen Ward, coach and corporate HR executive —  who will share the experience and wisdom answering your questions for coaching individuals and groups inside organizations.
Our Power Panel has a wealth of experience coaching in organizations and generating intended results for their organizational clients.
Here is your chance to ask a group of some of AC’s best coaches your questions about coaching in organizations. 

Come to the call prepared with the one question you want answered to support your next step in developing organizational clients.
Don’t miss this special call, as it is sure to be well attended by AC Leaders and experienced AC Affiliated coaches. This is a unique chance to ask the experts about coaching organizations – from the inside or from the outside.
Be there!


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