Coaching with Spirit

When we coach there is always an opportunity to make a deeper connection with our clients.  Our being and our spirit are often times access points.  Spirit takes on different meaning to every person.  Spend an hour with Teri-E Belf, author of Coaching with Spirit, exploring ways to explore and use spirit in our lives and when we coach.

She will discuss:

  • Move beyond the “presenting problems/situation/story” for greater impact coaching- exploring things that are hidden within to reason intelligently from the Known to the Unknown
  • Increase ability to discern based upon the energy vibration of questions, answers, observations and silence to guide clients to awareness
  • How to coach through the being – a powerful process

Referred to as “the Grandmother of Coaching” Teri-E Belf, MA, CAGS, is the world’s first mastered certified coach (MCC). Teri-E is a purposeful coaching leader since 1987, offering personal and professional coaching, coach training and mentoring on 5 continents. She founded and directs Success Unlimited Network® (SUN), with an ICF-accredited Coach Training and Certification Program rooted in life purpose and spirituality. Her books, Coaching With Spirit, Simply Live it UP, and Facilitating Life Purpose, publications on Amazon, workshops and media appearances reveal her contagious, enthusiastic passion for coaching. She initiated and chaired the first ICF Accreditation, Credential and Continuing Education Committee that set the foundation for the coaching profession. Purposefully she inspires and guides people to take steps towards their dreams by inspiring authentic service to the sacred and by discovering their life purpose and using it as a zip-line to essence in a practical consistent way.

To learn more about Teri-E visit websites, and  You can also reach her via e-mail [email protected].


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