Coaching Youth and Adults with ADHD

  Speaker: Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, MCC, SCAC, BCC

Do you have clients that are looking for ADHD coaching for themselves or family members? Are you familiar with the intricacies of this specialized coaching niche? Gain an understanding of how ADHD coaching skills and techniques can be blended with life coaching and executive coaching models to increase the effectiveness of coaching for clients with ADHD. 

You will learn the value of coaching for youth with ADHD and how the JST Coaching Model© empowers young people by providing an opportunity to explore life choices, gain independence, improve skills and build self-confidence necessary for a productive and satisfying adult life. This is a unique opportunity to learn from an expert in the ADHD coaching field and to discover how to empower clients using ADHD coaching skills. 

  1. Learn the basics of ADHD and Executive Functioning problems
  2. Learn how to support your clients with ADHD while still coaching within the ICF framework and competencies

Speaker: Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, MCC, SCAC, BCC

Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, Master Certified Coach, Senior Certified ADHD Coach and Board Certified Coach, is the founder of the movement for ADHD coaching for youth. As the creator of the ADHD youth coaching model used as the basis for a groundbreaking two year coaching research study (2010), Jodi is seen by many of her peers as the foremost expert in the field of ADHD coaching for youth.
Jodi is the president of JST Coaching, LLC, a premiere coach training company. She developed the first training courses focused on coaching youth with ADHD, now offered in English, Spanish and Turkish. Her book, Empowering Youth With ADHD, outlines the JST Coaching Model and is used as a resource for coaches, allied professionals and parents of children with ADHD.
Jodi completed her coach training with the Coaches Training Institute, Success Unlimited Network, and the American Coaching Association. She graduated from the unique BDIC Program at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with a B.A. in human services/mental health. She is a long-standing member of Metro DC ICF and a volunteer for CHADD at the national, regional, and local levels.
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