Creating More Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in your Coaching Practice

Happy New Year!!

And with the new year comes NEW conversations. As coaches it’s our jobs to be in the uncommon conversations that evoke change, togetherness, PROGRESS.

Though, even the best coaches have blind spots and unconscious bias that will prevent progress for themselves, their clients, and the coaching industry.

Trudi Lebron – Impact Coach and Equity Consultant – supports coaches, change agents, and organizations to shine a light on the urgent issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in the service-based community.

This is a newer conversation happening in the broader coaching industry and Trudi is one of the few people leading the conversation with coaches. She has the unique experience as a person of color, a business coach, and as someone with the academic/foundational experience to facilitate these very vulnerable discussions.

The valuable learnings you’ll get from the presentation:

  1. Deepen your understanding of Diversity and Equity issues facing the coaching industry
  2. Increase your awareness about how coaching has been exclusionary to some communities.
  3. Apply critical questions to your own practice to assess your own diversity, equity, and inclusion progress.
  4. Accelerate your leadership in building a more equitable and diverse practice
  5. Better learn how to move from Ally to Accomplice in order to better support People of Color inside and outside of your business.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your life, your work, and the impact you make in the world? Recognize your blind spots and get comfortable with discomfort, for discomfort breeds growth!
Who is Trudi Lebron?

“I am a coach, consultant, entrepreneur, and strategist. I’ve overcome tremendous barriers in my life and have made it my mission to help connect others with their Purpose, jump over hurdles, and have an impact in their life and work.

While being a young single mother and facing harsh criticism and judgment, I made a decision that I would take charge of my life, and pursue my goals with laser focus, AND commit myself to making positive change in the world.

Since that time, I’ve completed multiple degree programs, started two businesses, helped start and grow non-profit organizations, and have been recognized as one of 2016 40 under 40 Upcoming Leaders in Business by Hartford Business Journal.

My coaching practice focuses on helping Visionaries, Change Agents, and #Bosses clarify their path, purpose, and mission and create concrete action plans to achieve their Personal, Career, Business and Philanthropic goals.”

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