Creating Your Reputation with Social Media

Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn? Snapchat? Pinterest? Which social media tools are best for you? What makes talking about social media so important and interesting to coaches? Join us for an hour with Karen Rosenzweig to focus on the reputation management aspect of social media – what are people finding out about you and your business from the way you do social media?  

Karen is bringing to the conversation these topics:

  • How to be remarkable and memorable on social media
  • Telling your story and being compelling
  • Huge opportunities with social media – you have no idea who is looking for you and at you
  • If we don’t control our image on social media, others will make decisions about us on their own

Karen Rosenzweig is a marketing consultant, social media coach, author, and owner of One Smart Cookie Marketing. She has helped hundreds of restaurants, entrepreneurs and small business owners increase their customer base and gain visibility through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging and other social media tools. She is a fun and dynamic speaker and loves to present to audiences eager to learn how to leverage social media tools to make more money! To learn more about Karen go to or e-mail her at [email protected]




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