Embracing Fear, Anger and Shame:Why Distressing Emotions are Essential for Good Leadership (And Coaching!)

In this talk, Alison will explore distressing emotions and the important role they play in leadership and coaching.

How past relationships create non-conscious relational patterns that affect our current and future relationships
How we tend to dial down or dial up certain emotions under stress because of how we’ve been shaped by past relationships
The information and gift that resides in each emotion
Examples of what can go wrong when distressing emotions are disregarded
Examples of what can go wrong when one gets “stuck” in emotions, even “good” ones like Joy or Love

Alison Whitmire is the President of Learning in Action, a company committed to making the non-conscious conscious. She believes that the most insidious challenge to personal growth lies in what we don’t know and can’t see about ourselves. She helps coaches and leadership development professionals create awareness within their clients that allows them to get out of their own way and move forward faster.

Alison has organized three TEDx conferences and been a TEDx speaker. Alison was a Chair for the worldwide CEO membership organization, Vistage International, running CEO roundtables and coaching CEOs. Alison is a PCC and has spent over 4,000 hours coaching CEOs. She has worked for three Fortune 500 companies and practiced as a CPA. She has an MBA from University of Chicago and 200 RYT.

For more information, visit www.learninginaction.com

If you missed the call, you can view it by clicking on the link below and using the password provided.


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