Empowering Therapy for Coaches and our Clients with Kathy Metcalf

The relationship between coaching and therapy is often thought of in terms of territory or boundaries. We frequently look at where coaching can make a difference and where therapy may be a more appropriate or necessary approach. Something more rarely looked at is the power of therapy FOR coaches, for our clients and as leaders. How can we create this modality as powerfully and complementary as we can and create value for our commitments from therapy?

We’ll look at this possibility with Kathy Metcalf, LSCW-C, TEP, Psychotherapist and Mental Health Coach. A large part of Kathy’s overall practice comes from working with coaches. Kathy visited our Washington DC program earlier this year and has worked with many of our affiliates in her practice directly. She is uniquely qualified to share what she has created with her clients that applies specifically to the lives, commitments and well-being of COACHES. Kathy also will share about some of the techniques and foundational understanding of the human brain that she uses and how they translate into our framework of everyone being perfect, whole and complete just as they are.

Kathy has a powerful effect on people and we are so proud to have her. We recommend everyone attend the call for the experience of being with Kathy and for the value that this conversation can bring to your life, your practice and your clients.


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