Focus on the WHO not the WHAT with Lara Galloway

 Knowing WHO you want to work with is one of the most important step you can take in marketing your coaching practice.  As Michael Port suggests, how can you make that “emotional connection” if you’re speaking to the wrong prospect?
And yet, we consistently fail to clearly define our target market and end up explaining WHAT we do.  The thing is, our prospects don’t care about WHAT we do—they care about us understanding their challenges and whether we’re just like them or not.  Perhaps we fear we’ll be too limiting, not have enough people to speak with, or struggle to find a “perfect” market.  What results is our inability to clearly articulate AND communicate our value to an audience who will be most receptive to it.
If you’re fed up with trying to identify a target market or interact with that market effectively, please join us next Wednesday, August 18th as AC graduate Lara Galloway, the MomBizCoach, enlightens us with:

  • How to avoid selling “everyone” on your coaching
  • How to tell your story more clearly and effectively to a market that is listening for my message
  • How to use social media to do market research and connect with my target market
  • How to position yourself as an expert by building credibility quickly

Don’t miss out on this exciting and important call, so put it in your calendar today.

About our Guest
Lara Galloway graduated from the New York City CTP in June 2005.  She’s built a very successful coaching practice, balancing both motherhood and business ownership.  Lara helps “mompreneurs” make more money doing work they love while taking care of priority #1—FAMILY.  She’s been featured on, The Corporate Fugitive Blog, The Detroit News, and others.  Lara is an expert in helping entrepreneurs effectively grow their businesses by being smarter vs. working harder.


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