Get Your Marketing Unstuck with CJ Hayden of Get Clients Now

 What’s stopping you from getting more clients? Does it seem like your marketing gets “stuck” somewhere and doesn’t produce the results you think it should? Come to this session with C.J. Hayden and find out how to get unstuck! Here’s what we’ll be discussing:
o The five most common marketing saboteurs and how to defeat them
o How to make smart choices about the best ways to market, based on what will work and who you are
o Secrets to crafting compelling marketing messages that convince clients of your value
o Ways to let go of negative, ineffective marketing activities, attitudes, and habits
o How to set up a simple system to make marketing easier, more consistent, and highly effective
C.J. Hayden is the bestselling author of Get Clients Now!, Get Hired Now!, and 50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World. As a business coach and workshop leader, she’s been helping entrepreneurs succeed since 1992. C.J. has taught marketing for John F. Kennedy University, Mills College, SCORE, and the U.S. Small Business Administration. Her articles on sales and marketing appear in more places than she can keep track of, including Home Business, RainToday, and C.J.’s simple system for getting clients has been adopted by thousands of coaches and independent professionals around the world. Find out more about C.J. at


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