Getting ICF Credentialed with ICF Assistant Executive Director George Rogers

 Are you curious about getting an ACC, PCC or MCC?   If you are, this is the call to be on!

George Rogers is the preeminent authority on ICF Credentials.  He’s going to be with us on Wednesday night, December 12, to help de-mistify the process of acquiring your credential and the value of having one in the first place.  For some of you, you’ve been clear since registering for your CTP that being a credentialed coach is for you.  For others, you’ve been on the fence about the value or whether it will help you do what you do better.  This conversation, no matter where you’re at, is designed to support you making a choice in line with the vision of your practice and the contribution you want to be on the planet.
George will be ready to talk about recent data collected on the number of credentialed coaches in the workforce, what they’re up to and how having the credential can help you open doors in corporations and organizations.  He will also be able to speak to the trends that the ICF is seeing in demand for credentialed coaches and the reasons why companies are reporting that they want credentialed coaches in their organizations.
There’s no one out there who knows more and we’re very pleased he has made the time to be with us.



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