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 Refining Yourself as an Instrument for Positive Change

Psychologist Susan Campbell has worked as a corporate trainer and relationship coach for 43 years and she’s a familiar name for us at Accomplishment Coaching. Her book, Getting Real, is a powerful part of our development as speakers and listeners from month one of our CTP.  We’re so grateful to have her speak on our All Accomplishment Coaching Call this month.
A former professor at the University of Massachusetts, she is author of nine books on the topic of relationships and human communication. Her work has been featured in many popular magazines including New Woman, Psychology Today, Self, Harvard Business Review,  Seventeen, Men’s Health, New Age,  Fast Company, and Yoga Journal. She has appeared on many TV talk shows including Dr Dean Edell, CNN’s Newsnight, Good Morning America, and People Are Talking. She lives in Northern California where she hosts Honesty Salons several evenings per month.
If you are excited about boosting your boldness and self confidence join us and Dr. Susan Campbell and get the tools you need to resolve disagreements, personality clashes and other difficulties with your mate, co-workers, business associates, friends or family members; and to learn the ten truth skills you need to live an AUTHENTIC life.

-Work with clients’ resistances to change
-Help clients become aware and curious about their own motivations, control patterns, buttons, and hidden agendas
-Help clients distinguish core needs from addictive needs
-Help clients distinguish core feelings from reactive feelings
-Give feedback that is experience-based vs interpretive or evaluative
-Use your perceptions and feelings as useful data in a coaching relationship
-Use your feelings and responses to a client to further your own inner development and self-awareness—to refine “yourself as an instrument of positive change”
-Help clients clear up unfinished emotional business and past traumas
-Show clients how to “practice” the daily authenticity inventory
-Show clients how to “practice” compassionate self-inquiry

Susan has developed a coach training program that prepares coaches to offer state-of-the-art individual, couple, group, teamwork, and dating coaching based on the principles described in her best-selling book, Getting Real: 10 Truth Skills You Need To Live an Authentic Life. Her more recent titles are Truth in Dating: Finding Love by Getting Real and Saying What’s Real: 7 Keys to Authentic Communication and Relationship Success; and Real Intimacy: Rewiring Your Brain for Secure Attachment and Lasting Love.  She will be sharing more about the program on the call.

To learn more about Susan, her offerings and her techniques, visit her website:



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