“How NASA Builds Teams” Author Charlie Pellerin Turbo-charges Your Practice

 Charlie Pellerin is the author of “How NASA Builds Teams” and led the team that built and launched NASAs Hubble Space Telescope in April, 1990. After discovering a critical manufacturing flaw in the telescope and having the responsibility directed at him, he spent the next 20 years developing a team and leader development tool, the IDA (Individual Development Assessment).

This extraordinary evening, Charlie will come and present his powerful insights on managing and tracking performance for the individual, allowing you to “turbocharge” your practice. His benchmark tool, the Individual Development Assessment Dashboard (recipient of the 2007 ICF Prism Award) provides documentable Return On Investment for businesses and business clients looking to see how coaching effectiveness can impact their performance and bottom line.

Come away from this evening with free access to his online assessment tool, power-points, tutorials and supporting articles.




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