How to Become a Better Coach by Falling in Love with Sarah Langslow, PCC

As Accomplishment Coaching affiliates, we’re familiar with the core competencies of relationship building (competencies #3 and #4), and understand their importance. But how often do we really look at what they mean? What they look like in practice? What it takes to bring and generate them?

Listen in on the recording and join Sarah Langslow – Executive Leadership Coach, LiT, and ICF Converge Speaker – to learn how to get intimate with trust and intimacy, as she explores the depths of relationship building as a coach, leader, and a human being.

Through a mixture of insight, storytelling, and sharing, expect to receive:

  • Insights into what it means to choose relationship
  • Reflections on the connection between vulnerability, discomfort, and powerful relationships ik
  • Practical ways to generate trust and intimacy in our coaching and leadership
  • Experiencing the 2 foundational elements that generate relationship (HINT: It’s not what you think it is!)

NOTE: Sarah will also be presenting this workshop at the 2019 ICF Converge – the Global Coaching Conference in Prague.




Illuminate Your Blindspots Workshop: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Even with the awarenesses and insights into our survival mechanisms, we still hold many unconscious biases in our coaching and our connection to other human beings. Join Accomplishment Coaching’s DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Team to uncover your lingering biases and learn how to discuss the sensitive topics of race/privilege/inequalities/etc, and maximize your impact as a coach and leader by exploring your relationship to diversity, inclusion, and equity.


More about Sarah:

Sarah Langslow, PCC is an Executive Leadership Coach and founder of Sarah Langslow Coaching. She works with ambitious leaders who are already successful, committed to their own growth, and aware that by partnering with a coach they can create more, faster than they can on their own.

Her own journey has taken her from a corporate career to become an entrepreneur, trainer and speaker. She has an MA and an MBA from the University of Cambridge in the UK and came to coaching from a 15-year career in Management Consulting and Finance, successfully rising to senior leadership positions in both.

She is based in London and coaches clients around the world, as well as training coaches and leaders with Accomplishment Coaching in New York in the Intensive Program. When she’s not coaching, you’ll find her out on the river umpiring rowing regattas, practicing strongman (woman?) moves at her local gym, or cooking up a storm baking sourdough bread and cakes for friends and family.

For more on Sarah, visit her website at or email her at [email protected].




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