How to Charge What You’re Worth (and Get It!)

Charging what you’re worth can be daunting, especially if you have hang-ups around accepting money for something you’d happily do for free! Yet, an essential ingredient of becoming a successful coach is to charge what you’re worth and feel great about it! But you can’t just stick a higher price tag on your services and call it a day. Instead, there are specific techniques for communicating the value of your coaching services so that prospects are eager to pay the fees you’re charging.

Join us for an hour long call with Laurel Staples. She has designed a webinar to help you understand exactly what motivates a prospect to buy from you so that you can begin charging premium prices for your services, feel confident asking for money, and start consistently landing ideal clients.

In the call we will discuss:

  • If you’re undervaluing your coaching services & how to start charging what you’re worth…beginning today.
  • How to ask for the sale with confidence and get more YES! (without feeling icky or like a salesman)
  • Tips for communicating the value of your services to prospects so that they’re eager to sign up
  • Why charging too little will scare many ideal prospects away from your business

Laurel Staples is a marketing coach and the founder of ProCoach— a training program for coaches who want to enjoy true wealth and freedom by consistently landing high-paying clients. She helps coaches take the confusion and overwhelm out of marketing and selling their coaching services so that they can live their purpose with confidence, ease and ever-increasing bank accounts. To find out more about Laural please go to

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