How to Lead Your Clients With the Power of Voice: Inspire Creativity, Open Hearts, and Create Wellness, Inner Peace, and Spirit

Mytrae Meliana’s offering helps coaches experience their own deepest states, as well as learn how to lead their clients there so they may access their inner guidance, inspiration, joy, peace, and manifest their potential.

Sound healing is an ancient healing, transformational, and awakening modality, yet revolutionary in our modern times. Our deepest states of Truth, Power, Heart, and Soul are accessible only beyond words, in the quiet chamber of our Being, our Essence.

The program focuses on helping coaches:
•shift their clients out of a thinking, linear mind and into an intuitive, inspired, heart-based, non-linear, creative mind so clients can access their inner truth, guidance, peace, and possibility.
•lead their clients into deeper states of being vs. doing with sound healing
•learn how to teach their clients to manifest their deepest desires using the Laws of Intention, Vibration, and Manifestation

Coaches will:
•learn basic sound healing principles and about the power of voice supported by neuroscience and quantum physics
•practice vocal toning and breathing so they can personally experience the benefits and power
•learn how to confidently and effectively introduce and integrate sound healing practices in their coaching work
•discover and practice the power of their own speaking voice and silence to create connection, shifts, and deeper dives with clients
•have a unique authority as a coach by offering a cutting-edge sound healing modality
•Walk away with some of the most unique and versatile skills in the coaching industry with the principle that a person’s higher self/soul is the most powerful Lighthouse for inner guidance, creativity, well-being, happiness, and success

More about Mytrae:

Mytrae Meliana empowers women to discover and embody their voice, truth, power, hearts, and Soul. She helps people awake to and live their Soul Purpose so they can live joyful, passionate, and inspired lives.

Mytrae is a women’s empowerment and Divine Feminine teacher, Soul purpose coach, sound healer, holistic psychotherapist, and author in San Francisco.

She is also a classically trained pianist, and Founder of the Temple of Sound Healing.

Mytrae grew up in India, so brings the living knowledge and wisdom of the East where it is understood that happiness and success are never only outside us. She leads people into the inner spaces of peace, beauty, and love within them, and into the sanctuary of their Soul. These are lands she grew up, plays, and lives in. Her spiritual path has wound through Integral Yoga, Tantra, mysticism, and metaphysics. She was miraculously healed of Lyme Disease when she visited a spiritual healer in Brazil, after which her intuition flowered, and was led to her new work of sound and spiritual healing. Her life journey is a testament to hope, possibility, miracles, and the power of love.

Mytrae is also the author of:
John of God: A Guide to Your Healing Journey with Spirit Doctors Beyond the Veil
How I Healed From Lyme Disease: My Story, Lessons, And Steps To A Miracle

To learn more about Mytrae and her Sound Healing work, go to:



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