How to use Storytelling to Boost Your Business

Storytelling is the most powerful way to build a connection with your audience, whether that’s a single client, or an auditorium of 500 people. And with a few tips, tricks and tools, anyone can become a good storyteller.

Attendees will learn:

  • The science behind storytelling and what makes a good story;
  • What differentiates storytelling for business;
  • How to identify great stories
  • How to use a story to convey a message.

Storytelling is an important skill when connecting with new clients but it can also be used to introduce yourself at a workshop, as a format for a blog post, in case studies, and marketing material. Coaches will be better able to articulate the value they bring to their clients and therefore better equipped to grow their coaching practice going forward.
About Felicity Barber

Felicity H. Barber is a speechwriter and executive communications specialist. She works with clients to help them become more confident speaking in front of a group and shares insider tips on how to engage an audience, large or small. Before starting her business, Thoughtful Speech, in 2014, after moving to San Francisco from London, Felicity was a speechwriter at Lloyd’s of London, the global insurer.  Her website is:


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