How To Use The 10 Truth Skills in Coaching

 One of the biggest challenges for coaches is dealing effectively with clients’ resistance to experiencing and expressing their authentic feelings and wants. Clients do not consciously resist. Their resistance is based on past conditioning, trauma, neglect, abuse, or some other form of unfinished emotional business–which sets up an automatic tendency to self-protect rather than fully experiencing their real, here-now experience.

In this mini-workshop, you will learn and practice how to use the 10 Getting Real Truth Skills to:

  • Work with clients’ resistances to full self-experiencing
  • Help clients become aware and curious about their own motivations, automatic patterns, fear-buttons, and hidden agendas
  • Give feedback that is experience-based vs interpretive or evaluative
  • Use your own perceptions and feelings as useful data in a coaching relationship

Psychologist Susan Campbell has been training coaches and counselors for 45 years. A certified Radical Honesty Trainer and former professor at the University of Massachusetts graduate school, she is author of 10 books on relationships and communication.

Her most recent work centers on how to use honest, present-centered communication as vehicle for personal healing and expanded self-awareness—as described in her best-selling, book, Getting Real: 10 Truth Skills You Need To Live an Authentic Life.

Her more recent titles are, Truth in Dating: Finding Love by Getting Real, Saying What’s Real: 7 Keys to Authentic Communication and Relationship Success; and The Five-Minute Relationship Repair: Quickly Heal Upsets and Use Differences to Strengthen Love. To learn more, visit her website here.


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