Is your Content Making you Cry? Discover your Unique Content Personality™

Hate blogging? Then stop! Hate creating videos? Then stop!

Are you overwhelmed by all of the things you are “supposed” to do for your business—from videos, to social media, to podcasts, to workshops? What if you didn’t do anything the experts are telling you that you HAVE to do, and you could still grow a thriving business?

In Shannon’s presentation, you will discover your unique Content Personality™ and learn how you can use the content you already have to build your brand and be a thought leader in your market.

The Take-Aways:

  • Find your unique Content Personality™ type so you can create branded content that is aligned with who you are and captivates the audience seeking the solution that YOU provide.
  • Discover how Content Branding will create more time and freedom in your business, plus position you as a thought leader, without working harder.
  • Learn how Thought Leaders “do” content It’s all about tapping into your intuition when it comes to content creation and getting out of “content robot” mode so you don’t look and sound like everyone else.

It’s time to have more fun and make more money in your marketing!

*Please take the 5-minute Content Personality™ quiz before joining to maximize the call’s value!*

Shannon Hernandez is the creator of the Content Personality™ quiz, the Content Strategy Academy, author of her Memoir Breaking the Silence: My Final Forty Days as a Public School Teacher, and is a Content Strategist, Consultant, and Speaker. Shannon was a Public School Teacher before transforming into a Content Coach. She’s a fearless pursuer of helping visionary entrepreneurs become thought leaders through the use of strategic, branded content, so they can positively impact more people. Shannon’s sole mission is to teach and inspire others to dream bigger and bolder than before. She believes that if we use our voices to encourage and connect with people who need us most, we make the world a better place.

For more information on Shannon and her programs, please visit or email her at [email protected]


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