“Love Your Body” Workshop: Discover the Secrets to Intuitive Eating for Yourself and Your Clients!

Spring is quickly approaching, as is the timeline for most health projects!

Do you find yourself stuck in the same loops with your client’s well-being issues? Are you pushing back the declarations of your own health projects, month after month?

**COACHES – this workshop will provide tools to transform body image, healthy weight, and eating issues with both your clients AND your own health projects!**

Intuitive eating is a super hot topic in the wellness world, and for good reason! The basis of Intuitive Eating combines Ontological work around self-awareness and self-love, with intentional eating habits geared towards pleasure and enjoyment.

Join Health and Body Image Consultant, Holly Toronto, as she discusses how having a healthy body image and radical self-acceptance has the ability to transform your health and your life.

During this workshop, we will discuss:

  • Why diets don’t work and how you can ditch them for good
  • How Intuitive Eating has found its place in modern society
  • The connection between ontological transformation and health
  • What to do to boost body acceptance and self-love
  • How to leverage body acceptance into living the life you desire

Reclaim precious brain space from the grips of diet culture, disordered eating and body shame and put it towards what truly matters! This is not about weight loss or changing the body. It’s about opening yourself up to the life you desire NOW, and learning to take really good care of yourself, regardless of body size or appearance.

More about Holly!
Holly Toronto is a Certified Health Coach and Consultant who supports women and men in finding freedom from body shame and food fixation. She uses a non-diet, pro-self care approach that focuses on cultivating a peaceful relationship to the body and food, while avoiding deprivation, restriction, guilt or shame. From this place, her clients are able to make empowered decisions for their health, feel amazing in their bodies and live the life they desire.

Holly works with private clients, groups and runs online courses. She lives in Sunnyside, Queens with her husband and loves to cook, drink wine, travel, explore the city and be surrounded by beauty.

website: http://www.loveyourbodyhc.com/ 
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/loveyourbody_hc/ 



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