Master Class: How to Leverage Instagram to Skyrocket Your Coaching Business

Social media is a predominantly used tool to generate new relationships and build out one of the most important elements of a thriving coaching practice – a robust pipeline.

Instagram is the fastest growing social media network, AND is now the #1 platform for growing an online coaching presence! Eric Koch, Marketing Guru, is here to show you how to utilize Instagram to build your brand and get leads in a fun and effective way.

Through this Master class, you’ll learn:

?Why use Instagram for your coaching business?

?How to use better messaging to attract your target audience (Introspecting Marketing)

?The types of content to publish and how

?Essential tools to save time and generate greater awareness and engagement w/ your audience

?The one ad you NEED to be running on Instagram to generate leads

?Working backwards from your sales process to generate a lead magnet

Attendees will walk away with a ton of new knowledge and an eagerness to want to dive in and start growing their business on Instagram. Plus, receive a valuable and exclusive “homework assignment”.

Experience exclusive actionable strategies and tactics that will translate to greater awareness and engagement with their target audience, leads for their business, and a plethora of future opportunities to further build your brand!

More about Eric:

Eric Koch is the founder and chief creative officer of The Creative Marketing Zone, a digital marketing agency specializing in helping beginners navigate the social media waters to creatively grow their business.

Eric’s background is in sales and marketing working for many well-known corporations and small businesses. In 2016 he took his experience to the streets and ventured off on his own to help spread his knowledge.

The mission of The Creative Marketing Zone is all about helping business owners unleash their creative powers to skyrocket their business online using social media as the tool to make this happen.

Eric resides in the Washington D.C metro area with his beautiful wife of 14 years and three teenage boys! He is also a huge Back to the Future fan J

For more information, visit Eric’s website or email him directly:

[email protected]

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