Mastering the ICF core competencies from love and being

  Conducted by Senior Leader, Jodi Jan Larson, Master Certified Coach

Imagine bringing all of your powerful love and being to your calls on top of a mastery of the ICF core competencies?
What would it look and feel like if you could consistently and reliably coach your clients with a complete mastery of the ICF Core Competencies rooted in the presence of your vulnerability, brilliance and wholeheartedness?

What are ways of being, key practices, and continuous reinvention steps you can take on from your Essence in becoming and being a Master Coach by Accomplishment Coaching standards as well as the ICF’s?
On this call, Jodi will talk both broadly and specifically about mastering the ICF core competencies – not just from learning and knowing the ICF core competencies, but by completely integrating them with you own loving way of being. 
She will highlight specific areas that she believes are the foundational competencies to build on.  And, she will field questions on specific competencies from the listeners.
Jodi has been a coach for 18 years gaining her MCC credential in 1997.  She was instrumental in starting the International Coach Federation and worked on the team that created both the ethics and core competencies for ICF that are the foundation of our profession. 


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