Mastering the Opening and Closing to Getting Clients

 CTP Leaders Tara Padua and Mark Hunter are masters of enrolling and registering new clients and CTP participants. How do they do it so successfully? It’s not a secret…we all spent 12 months practicing it. And…you may be missing a key ingredient to your ‘secret sauce’ for building your coaching business.

  • Opening the door: The Initial Conversation for Possibility
    • What are you up to?
  • Keeping the door open: From Possibility to Enrollment
    • What would it look like if…?
  • Opening the next door: Registration
    • Handling objections: Time – Money – Mother-in-law
  • Closing the door: Getting it flat
    • Handling objections: Time – Money – Mother-in-law
  • What structures do you need to build a six figure coaching income?
    • Insight + Action = Results

Start 2012 off powerfully by upping your client game. Come prepared with your biggest “stop” and committed to getting past it. Leave the call with a powerful declaration about accelerating your client game. Get started NOW!

What’s it costing you not having the coaching business you said you wanted?

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