More Reinvention with Laura Berman Fortgang!

 On our last All AC Call, MCC, speaker and best-selling author, Laura Berman Fortgang shared key concepts from her new book “Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction” with us.  The main topic of Now What? is reinvention and Laura has a unique flair and joy within this topic.  We saw how vital reinvention is for both us and our clients and how much joy and satisfaction are available in the process.  If you want to catch up and hear that powerful call, you can visit the AC Resource Center now and hear it on your computer.  It’s also available on your phone by following the dialing directions at the bottom of this announcement.  
On our next All AC Call, we’d love to keep sharing and give you a chance to deepen the distinctions Laura offers and get some coaching from Laura on your own life and practice right on the call.  There was great passion for this from our affiliates and simply not enough time on the call for this to happen, so we’re bringing her back for more.
Please come to the call with a willingness to take on your own exciting reinvention for your practice, for your clients, for YOU!
We’re also excited that our relationship with Laura has put us in a position to offer Laura’s Early Bird discount for her Now What facilitator training for another month exclusively to Accomplishment Coaching affiliates.  This is a deep discount for a truly valuable addition to your coaching practice designed specifically for our challenging economic times.


The normal price of this training is $2,995. 
The discounted price is $1,499.


Laura has designed this training to help you address one of your potential prospect’s most vital needs right away and have them choose a process that will radically alter the course of their lives, no matter the circumstances.
Please join us!


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