Objection Prevention VS Objection Handling

 Create rapport: dismantle defenses.

Listen them “in” vs. talking them “in.”

Are your unconscious beliefs sabotaging your conscious knowledge?

Develop motivational intelligence that sustains you during down turns.

How to stay focused on your client needs rather than your needs.


Join Patricia Campbell, RN, BSN, MA, long-time AC Affiliate and former LiT, in an interactive group call.  She will share how she has mastered the art of overcoming objections.  The conversation will go beyond the standard handling of time, money and “why would I” objections.

  1. Sheri S. Howell 11 years ago

    Hi Team!

    Thanks for being there for me. I will be back this weekend- but only if you promise to never sing that song again! Some people are inspired by music… Some people just laugh at the performers.

    Seriously, I really want to thank you all for your support. I am usually the one who is serving and giving to others. I have learned that it is OK to be served and to receive. It is difficult for me to ask for help/service/assistance and the past months have made me "be a sponge". Last month, Roberta had suggested that I might be able to get together with my teammates on Friday prior to our session. I would really like to do that this Friday with anyone who is available.

    The best way I can explain my reaction to Katie's death–

    I feel like I am walking through a very scarey, evil and dangerous place headed toward safety and light. I have a force field bubble around me and that the prayers, support and good wishes of the people around me make my force field stronger and bigger. I am like a sponge and I suck the love and energy out of anyone who offers. Sometimes the cliffs have bigger drop offs, the rocks are more pointed and sharper, the branches are more grabby and have more thorns and I hear wild animals roaring. Sometimes, the force field is as small and fragile as an egg shell. When I feel like my force field is smaller and weaker or I feel like there is more danger, I pull back to avoid any more threats. I don't answer my phone. I don't read my e-mails. I don't go to the office. I don't go places where I might see people who will know me and "make me cry". At times, my progress toward the light and safety is so small as to be unmeasurable. Sometimes, I have been invisibly carried.

    I re-entered today– I went back to work today for 1/2 day and will work M-W this week and T-Th next week. It was a challenge but I did it! We will see how it goes but I do not think that I will ever work as hard and as long as I had previously. I don't need to do it anymore as I have partners who can take some of the pressure off of me. There will be other changes in my life- TNTC (too numerous to count).

    I look forward to seeing you this weekend. Thanks to all of you. I did feel supported by your e-mails, texts, cards and messages. Appologies to my Buddies-I did the best I could do at the time..


    PS–The following is the obituary for my daughter. Just in case you wanted to read it. If you don't, STOP NOW!

    Our beloved daughter, sister and friend, Katherine (Katie) Elizabeth Howell passed away at home on September 3 due to medication interactions. Katie loved spending time with her friends- listening to music, watching movies and talking. She loved her 3 cats (Froid, Boots and Bug) and spent many hours entertaining them. She loved riding her scooter and especially helping people. She and Jory Bonem were to marry this weekend.
    Katie was born to Harry and Sheri (Sherrodd) Howell in GIllette, Wyoming on January 17, 1987. Born 2 months premature, Katie took her first plane ride to Denver Children's Hospital, instilling a passion for travel forever. She moved to Helena at age 7, and graduated from Helena High School in 2005. She attended college at New School of Architecture, and then San Diego City College before returning to Montana. She graduated from MSU with a BA in psychology in 2010. She worked at the Pattern House, Starbucks in San Diego and Helena and City Brew in Bozeman while going to school. Most recently, she applied her organizational skills working as an administrative assistant at Sage Medical Clinic. She was studying medical coding and planning graduate studies later on.
    Katie is survied by her parents, Harry and Sheri Howell; brothers, Cody, Dillon and Bridger; Grandparents, Leo and Charlotte Sherrodd; aunts and uncles, Lowell, Patrick, Mark and Kevin Sherrod, George Howell, Jackie and Phyllis Howell and Fran Larson and many cousins. Katie was preceded in death by her sister, Kelly.
    Katie put a smile on everyone's face and touched the lives of many people. She will be forever missed.

  2. Patricia Gary 7 years ago

    I am presently working on my healthy priorities. I did clean my home in preparation for a new flow of energy at will bring me closer to becoming the coach I long to be. I am excited with the team and the journey we are all in together.

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