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Do you worry about falling behind on appointments? Have you lost control of your inbox? Do you scramble to find that file that you swore you saved? Have you taken on more than you can handle? Are too busy getting organized that you don’t have enough time to follow up with clients?

If so, help is on the way! Spend an hour with Jordan Eck of Jordan Eck Consulting taking a closer look at getting a handle on an out of control schedule and office space. Jordan encourages coaches to spend more time creating and less time trying to conquer your crowded inbox and keeping up with your calendar.

She will discuss:

  • Taking control of your email inbox
  • Scheduling made easy
  • Why Dropbox should be your BFF

Jordan has worked in the corporate world and over a year ago left to start Jordan Eck Consulting. She works as a virtual assistant, project manager and brand consultant. Jordan meets her clients where they are and design a simple and painless strategy to get them on track and keep them on track. Her passion is to help people refine being organized so that they can have more time in their life. To learn more about Jordan visit her website, You can also reach her via e-mail: [email protected]



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