Powerful & Profitable Partnerships: How to Create Partnerships that Work in Business and Life, Led by Anna Meck

 “I can do it myself.” 

This was my favorite  quote as a 5 year old.  Sometimes I still find myself saying it, only I am much more adult about it now:

  • “Yes, I am inspired to create that”
  • “Yes, I’ll commit to having that done by… “
  • “Oh, no, this is so easy, I appreciate your offer and I think I’ll be ok”
  • “I’ll call you if I need anything”

Who is that serving? Survival Mechanism or Essence? What’s the impact on your purpose?

Consider that your purpose and the whole inspiration for you becoming a coach calls for something more than your survival mechanism to manifest the world that you dream of.

How do we get out of our s/m rut? Be in collective partnerships where we are inspired and pulled into action beyond what our s/m can manage with ease, peace, and grace.

In this conversation, we will explore together partnerships that make the biggest difference in your life and business, the nature of partnerships, and the benefit of opening yourself up to a whole new world beyond your comfort zone.  Ready to take your practice to the next level?  Join us for this innovative, spiritual, and practical way of integrating partnerships committed to having you thrive.


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