Recap of September 2013 All AC Call

 Bob Dunham spoke to us from his experience of over thirty years of coaching inside organizations.  He taught us how much of a difference you can make as a coach by simply addressing the conversations and agreements that are happening inside organizations and helped us translate our value into basic business terms.  The word I like to use for what Bob has done with his work and this All AC Call is to demistify Corporate Coaching.  He’s made coaching inside organizations make perfect sense.

I invite you to call in and listen to the recording or download it from the AC Resource Center.  You can also download an article written by Bob Dunham called The Generative Foundations for Action in Organizations: Speaking and Listening from the AC Resource Center, that expands more on the concepts brought up on the call.

If you’d like to learn even more about how to create conversations that matter inside organizations, Bob Dunham has extended a discount on his powerful three day course, The Foundations of Generative Leadership.  Bob is offering Accomplishment Coaching affiliates a very special discount of $100 on his course that normally is offered at $995.

There are upcoming courses in Boulder, Colorado from September 26th to 28th and Seattle, Washington from October 17th to 19th.  You can get more detailed information and sign up here:

This course is designed for anyone to be able to attend, so if you know anyone you think this work would be valuable for, especially coaches and corporate leaders, pass on the link.

Thank you,

Gregg DeMammos

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  1. Taylor Jacobson 8 years ago

    Hi, where can I get the audio recording?

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