Speak to Profit with Iman Khan


How to Connect, Convert, & Cash In from the Stage

As coaches, we strive to not only better ourselves, but better the world through our work. Iman Khan has taken this vision of creating personal and societal good through creating a successful business to great heights. He and his wife Afrin founded Red Elephant, www.RedElephantInc.com, a company that teaches, coaches and leads entrepreneurs in creating and presenting speaking events that create clients, community and profit. 

Iman has directed over 100 events in the past decade, including affairs for notable world movers and shakers such as Sir Richard Branson and Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohammed Yunus. Organizations that have benefitted from Red Elephant’s success include New Light in India that provides school for children of prostitutes, VAB, that provides educational support to impoverished children and DCI International, that sponsors children and their families from elementary school through college. 

Iman is eager to share the power that presenting live events will provide you and your business, and ultimately the world. He believes it is vital to create a community and build your tribe, especially in the coaching space. In this enlightening call, Iman will present the value of speaking in live venues and how this facilitates creating community and clients like no other marketing can. He will provide information that assists you in adding the valuable tool of creating events and speaking to your coaching business building skill set.


We are excited to have you join Iman on this month’s All AC call, and share his enthusiasm and passion for expanding your realm of possibility into creating speaking events to support your business!

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