Take your Coaching to Organizations!

 Join Coach, Leader and Author Bob Dunham for a Powerful Conversation Designed to Help you Get in the Door and Be Effective in Organizations.

Bob Dunham is a pioneer.  After a career leading teams that created the software for the Hubble Telescope and a high ranking position for Motorola, Bob took on the space where Coaching and the Corporate World meet. He helped demystify it, create language and distinctions for it and wrote a book about it published by MIT Press, called The Innovator’s Way – Essential Practices for Successful Innovation.  Bob has worked with some of the brightest minds in our field and has had contracts with organizations ranging from IBM, Adobe and Wells Fargo, just to name a few.

Bob will offer us some of what he learned over his decades of work inside organizations, how to powerfully read people ontologically and somatically in a corporate environment and teach them how to incorporate these skills into their own leadership. Bob ultimately wants to help us find our way to a more powerful relationship and understanding of our own value to organizations and to give us the tools to make that a reality.

Bob is the founder of the Institute for Generative Leadership, based in Boulder, Colorado.  He will be sharing information about his three day course, Foundations of Generative Leadership with us on the call.  This workshop is designed to put you “inside” the corporate environment for practice and development of your offerings in the corporate world and will teach you new skills. 

Bob is offering Accomplishment Coaching affiliates a very special discount of $100 on his course that normally is offered at $995.


There are upcoming courses in Boulder, Colorado and Seattle, Washington.  You can get more detailed information once you sign up for the work HERE. 






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