The Big “M”: MARKETING your In-Person and Tele-workshops – successfully!

 She’s back! Following up on March’s successful All AC Affiliate Call about creating and conducting workshops to expand your coaching business, Marlene McCallum, is back for Round 2: Marketing Your Workshops!
Marlene, a 2-year AC Mentor Coach, and creator of Simple Living for Complex Lives: 5 Hours to Peaceful Productivity, will share her best lessons for marketing your own workshops, based on her first hand experience continuously marketing her own Peaceful Productivity series of workshops.
Other highlights include:
1) An interactive, round-robin discussion that will leave you with many exciting marketing ideas to start taking “effective” marketing action.
2) Accomplishment Coaching Coach and NYC Participant, Vasavi Kumar will share her “win” and how she launched her own Tele-workshop series and what she is learning through the process.
3) A special discussion about joint-venturing and how to support one another, provide value to each others’ clients AND fill your workshops at the same time. Learn and start using the concept of the “Joint Venture.”


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