The Breakthrough of Forgiveness: A Coaching Imperative for Freedom of the Mind and Heart

 In this session with Clifford Edwards you’ll find out how supporting clients to forgive and make peace with the past is an imperative for effective ontological coaching.  You’ll be given simple and lucid distinctions on forgiveness that place it clearly within the context of any coaching conversation.  Learn to help clients dispel the common misconceptions about forgiveness, so that they can practice and benefit from it more fully.  The concepts of forgiveness are inextricably intertwined with many of our foundational coaching conversations.  The perspectives and tools offered are useful in supporting clients to:

  • give up stories and excuses to take responsibility for their circumstances,
  • examine and shift limiting belief systems
  • open to new possibilities for their lives
  • feel more empowered, free and capable
  • redefine and recreate relationships with others
  • consistently get better results in all areas of life

As well as being an effective means for producing better results with clients, forgiveness is a valuable exploration for every coach to take on personally.  As a coach, it’s your responsibility to be as clear, unbiased and helpful as possible for your clients.  Forgiveness offers a reliable means for discovering and addressing your own unresolved issues.  It allows you to easily eliminate blind spots that might impinge on your ability to effectively engage with and fully serve your clients in getting the results they want.  
Clifford Edwards is the author of the important new book, The Forgiveness Handbook – A Simple Guide to Freedom of the Mind and Heart.  He has been engaged in the field of personal development as a coach, teacher and trainer for more than two decades.  Along with best-selling author and thought leader Debbie Ford, Cliff co-founded the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching in 2000.  As a staff member, trainer and key architect of the Institute’s transformational programs for the next 12 years, he helped to develop innovative, effective coaching methodologies and train over 1000 life coaches worldwide.

As an author, Cliff draws on his own life experiences, extensive knowledge and rich personal development background to write with compassion and clarity.  He produces books and programs to help people become more self-aware, accepting, loving and confident so that they can have enhanced success, more freedom, improved communications, better relationships, and a greater sense of joy and fulfillment in their lives.

Cliff lives in San Diego, California, sharing a home with his wife Loree and with a warrior princess, their cat Athena.

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