The Coach’s Expert Guide to LinkedIn

Our July 2019 All AC Call was hosted by Caillin McDuff and Hayden Humphrey, two former LinkedIn managers AND successful Coaches:

The Coach’s Expert Guide to LinkedIn

Join Hayden and Cailin in this presentation to learn the power of LinkedIn for individual coaches and for our transformation community!

LinkedIn is the most optimal way to professionally build resources. So how are YOU currently utilizing LinkedIn? …Or not?

Time to capitalize on building relationships to fill your network and your practice!

From this presentation, expect to receive:

  • Methods to properly optimize all of LinkedIn’s free resources
  • Creating a powerful profile and brand creation
  • Crafting an engaging headline
  • Strategies to generate clients
  • Crafting content that captures attention and leads
  • And much more!

As an organization full of professional (not casual) coaches, LinkedIn is the best place for us to create a brand and generate clients. It’s also a relatively unchartered space in terms of transformational leadership, so it is territory ripe for connections… something we do best!

More about Hayden Humphrey:
Hayden is a Mentor Coach in the Chicago program and a 2019 graduate. As a Success Coach, Hayden works with over-achievers and people pleasers to help them expand their impact and have more fun. Before jumping into coaching, Hayden worked at LinkedIn as a member of the Business Leadership Program, a prestigious rotational program for recent grads. While at the company, he spent time on multiple teams including Customer Operations, Talent Acquisition, and the Global Sales Org. Outside of coaching, Hayden is an improv enthusiast and avid reader.

More about Cailin McDuff:
Cailin is a Los Angeles based Leader in Training in the New York Winter program and a 2016 New York graduate. In her coaching practice, she works with entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and women getting in touch with their sexuality and power. Her last full-time job before taking her practice full-time was at LinkedIn, where she was on the Customer Success team and partnered with global companies to support their recruitment teams to use the platform strategically to attract the best talent. She loves a good LA taco, rollerblading around her neighborhood, and creating community.



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