The Gift of our Compulsions with Author, Mary O’Malley

 Mary O’Malley speaks about her new book

“What’s In The Way Is The Way”

What’s In The Way Is The Way is the new book by the author of The Gift of our Compulsions, Mary O’Malley.  The DAD Team can tell you, from our opportunity to speak to Mary while coordinating this call, that Mary IS transformation.  Her new book is all about the work we do around breakdown, incompletion and context shift.  It’s about seeing your life in front of you as a gift for your transformation. We know this and we also know that there’s always a deeper dive, a greater acceptance available as access to truly being alive.  Mary is a tremendous, joyful and free guide in being able to bring this to your own life and to the lives of your clients.  Here is a short excerpt to give you an example of the teaching Mary is offering:
Life is set up
To Bring up
What is bound up
So it can open up
To be freed up
So you can show up
For Life
Imagine that level of acceptance.  This is what Mary is offering and by listening to her, you’ll hear a living example.
Mary O’Malley ( is an author, teacher and counselor whose work awakens others to the joy of being fully alive.  Her inspired and transformative approach to compulsions offers a way to replace fear, hopelessness and struggle with ease, well being and joy.

In the early 1970′s, a powerful awakening set Mary on the path to changing her whole relationship with her compulsions, freeing her from a lifelong struggle and opening her to the joy and the wonder of being fully awake to Life.

Since then, she has dedicated her life to helping others heal themselves by seeing what truly blocks them from life’s joy.  Acknowledged as a leader in the field of Awakening by many (including Neale Donald Walsch, Unity Senior Minister Deborah Olive and our own Christopher McAuliffe of Accomplishment Coaching), Mary clearly sees both the big picture, and the details of human patterns and conditioning.  She possesses an extraordinary ability to understand and connect with people. And she is skilled in empowering people to work with difficult mind states resulting in greater inner awareness and presence and a greater capacity for joy.

Mary is committed to helping people heal their inner wars, so that they can become a part of the healing of our planet.
On our call, Mary will be making two special offers to Accomplishment Coaching Affiliates.
• For anyone interested in buying her new book, if you buy it directly from her website, you can send an email to [email protected] after making your purchase and indicate a CD (only single CDs are part of this offer) you’d like from Mary’s collection (, it will be sent to you along with your copy of the book, for free.
• Mary also offers telegroups and will take $10 off ($90 regular price) of her four week sessions.  You can get more info here (  We’ll have more info on how to redeem your discount when we have the call.  Once you hear Mary on the call, you’ll be interested in having this personal access to her work and being.



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