The Science of Creating Breakthroughs – A 6-Step Process to Commanding Your Reality

Are you or your clients getting stuck in:

– Head-based conversations?
– Concepts too “meta” to grasp?
– Projects that stagnate or stall?
– Integrating spiritual and tangible results?
– Understanding or creating breakthrough results?


Add The One Command technique to your tool-belt, and master the ability to manifest the abstract into reality! **For Coaches to use with their clients, and for their own projects**


Asara Lovejoy, Founder and Facilitator of The One Command, has created a 6-step process to turn our thoughts into reality by harnessing the neuroscience of breakthroughs. Asara unites the spiritual with the physical through a process that condenses Ontological breakthroughs into 6-steps.

In this training, you’ll receive:

– A scientific understanding of the “theta” brainwaves – the neuroscience of creating a breakthrough mindset
– How the mind and brain is affected by change
– The blueprint of changing a mindset
– The 6-step process of The One Command technique
– How to form a Command that manifests your reality
– Demonstration of forming and implementing your own Command

More about Asara

Asara says, “I discovered a One Command six-step process that has changed, improved, and transformed over 500,000 folk’s lives around the world with the ability to create your life in a brand new way. I watched The One Command empower and enlighten those just like you, again and again. I invite you to engage your inherent, untapped, subconscious powers and expand them beyond what you think is possible; to direct and enhance your life both quickly and easily, and to tune in to the new-elevated frequencies bombarding the planet.”

Asara is a former Coach and Enlightened Consciousness Consultant who has turned her focus to sharing The One Command with more communities around the world. Asara Lovejoy is the author of The One Command and The Theta Code, and is President of The One Command Global Corporation. She lives in Seattle and is a strong supporter of the Accomplishment Coaching community!




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