This Crazy Thing Called Coaching: A Look Back at the Bloopers and Blunders of 2015

After working with your client have you ever thought?…

“Did I actually get away with saying that to my client?”
“I am for sure going to get fired.”
“One day I will laugh about this, but right now I just want to crawl into a hole.”
“I cannot believe that my client just said that!”
“I do not know what to do.”
“Oh man. That conversation will make a great story!”

Of course you have because you are human and a coach!

Mark your calendars for December 9th for our annual gathering to laugh, normalize, and share your favorite coaching moments of 2015. It doesn’t matter if you have been a coach for 20 years or a couple of months, we all have something to share. Come bring a funny story, a conversation gone wrong, any coaching hiccups, a joke, or any embarrassing moments – it is all welcome. You will leave the call feeling the absolute joy of being a coach and remembering why you choose this work as you head off into 2016.

This is one of the highlight calls of the year so please make sure to join us!

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